On May 25, 2015, I went to see a career coach who said, “Go home and write.” On that day, I wrote this manifesto, which I’ve had posted in my office ever since:

“I want to use my creative energy, talent, and spirit to embrace paradox and live in the mystery where life spontaneously unfolds, blossoms, and bursts forth from a place of shared ideas and connection to be a part of and a witness to human spiritual evolution.”

On New Year’s Day, 2016, I went to a Tarot Intention Mapmaking workshop and came up with my theme for the year: Surrender to the Abundance. On September 26 of that year, I bought this domain name on a whim. For three years, I’ve paid for the domain name while it sat behind a veil. Every once in a while, I was inspired to B E G I N and then pulled back. Since then, I’ve explored in many directions, been brought down by the material world and the darkness of my soul, and risen up to meet the day with renewed resilience and inspiration in an ongoing dance.

Today, I begin the next phase: the outward expression of my inner being in wider circles. I’ve taken what feels like baby steps toward letting my light shine, though the reflection from others would say otherwise. And that has been part of the journey from fear to courage—opening up to offering my true self to my community.

This website takes it one step further. And now I’m curious to see what the universe has in store after taking yet another leap off the cliff into the unknown.