March 7, 2023 And the adventure continues…(I hope you read to the end so you know it’s not all paradise here in paradise.) Stocking Island After two most-welcome days at a marina where I sat for hours in a rocking chair on land getting some time on solid ground, alas the swell started rolling the […]

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Nirvana S4:E2

(This poem is inspired by The Walrus and the Carpenter by Lewis Carroll and our last couple weeks aboard as we make our way south through North Carolina and South Carolina.) The Sailor and Her Mate The sun was shining on the seashining with all its mightIt did its very best to makethe Sailor feel […]

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May 18, 2022 While I fill in for our errant scribe, it is more than filling in because I am so happy to be writing about our house-sitting stays, mostly at our friend Liberty’s house, and our west coast trip. (Details and photos of that trip below.) The planning Tash and I did in preparation […]



Feb 7, 2022 Last we wrote we were leaving Syracuse and heading back to MDR (Marina di Ragusa). We had a delightful sail for seven of the ten hours, anchored overnight, and then motored the rest of the way with the wind on the nose. It was glorious weather and we enjoyed being outside in […]

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Remembering Roland

. . . and speaking of bookends. . . our last blog ended with us showing up in South Freeport for our community dance, which was where we started back in June . . . . . . and it is also, sadly, the day my beloved uncle Roland Barth died. You can read his […]

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Frailty and Responsibility

My former manfriend had a blog that he wrote every week called Loose Canon, and he was. Just over a year ago, he died of cancer after a year and a half of a slow decline that was simultaneously excruciating to experience and a gift to participate in. I sat with his daughter just after […]

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