I Hereby Surrender

4 AM. My mind activates with ideas that seem profound enough to want to get up and write them down.

A couple of years ago I bought this domain name surrendertotheabundance.com after an “intention map” workshop I did at the start of the year. It started with a Tarot reading and then moved into intuitive collaging about the coming year. Mine was a large, circular, two-sided hanging piece. On one side was a colorful array of lusciousness of the senses – lips, tulips, wine – with various cards with music, art, relaxation, and playfulness protruding from the edges like a child’s drawing of rays of sunshine, a flamboyant peacock at the center. On the other side was a monk sitting in meditation, a serene scene of calm water behind him and a smooth, white stone below him with the word Surrender at his feet. This map become known to me as Surrender to the Abundance and was my theme for 2017. I even made up “calling cards” with the website that reads: A sailor, dancer, actor, singer, photographer, and writer living in the mystery.

You see, for several years, I have had themes to each of my years. It started in 2013, again at a New Year’s Day community celebration where we sang rounds, read poetry, and did art projects. That year I created a scroll with the words “If Not Now, When,” which hung on a door in my house for a year and acted as a daily reminder. That is the year I took a leap off a cliff and bought a 28’ sailboat.

As for the calling cards, I haven’t handed out a single one. I have never felt ready to identify myself as any of those things. And yet, I have spent a lifetime become each and every one of them. So when do you get to start calling yourself something that you want to be? When you decide it’s time? When you choose to put yourself out there as opposed to hiding yourself under a bushel? When you choose transformation over safety? When you choose to rise yourself up like Maya Angelou as opposed to putting yourself down? When you choose to surrender to the abundance as opposed to attempt to control what cannot be controlled?

So today, at 4AM, I once again call on the theme of “If Not Now When” to officially start this blog. I call on forces larger than myself and trust that I have something worthy enough to say that someone else might want to read. I am constantly inspired by people and things I encounter in this life. Along with water, air, and food, it is my fuel. I’ve been at it long enough, this obsession to find what will buoy me up when times are hard and what will take me to higher levels of consciousness when I can see my way clear through the dust storms of ego.

I hereby surrender to the abundance and share it with you. May you be inspired.

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