June 18, 2021

Yesterday was our maiden voyage under sail on sv NIRVANA! (sv stands for Sailing Vessel.) Glorious weather and wind, all went smoothly, and the boat is a dream under sail. Anchored overnight on Jewell Island where the seas are flat calm. Today we row ashore to explore the first of many islands on our summer cruise!!!

This after 10 days getting used to living aboard in South Portland at Spring Point Light, where the wake from passing boats had us rocking and rolling almost constantly, which strangely didn’t bother. One or both of us rowed back and forth almost daily to get this and that, or deliver this or that back to the house, as we finished projects, including our new solar panels that are helping power our fridge such that last night we discovered the freezer had actually frozen the meat, which means we actually can have ice cream! The accommodations below are wonderful, like living in a tiny house were the ground is constantly moving. 

Cousin Joanna, who is renting my house for the summer, came aboard to celebrate our first night aboard–a year ago to the day from our first date aboard Maverick Saraswati and so our now-official anniversay–and we christen her with her new name. We now realize this is why our launch date was delayed a week with the many issues we ran into–and solved–plus, of course, it gave us a chance to learn our boat inside out!

We’re eating well, sleeping well, voiding well—using a “Little John” to pee lying down and a “Lady J” for peeing standing up—and living well, complete with electronic keyboard! Oh, and Will made brownies in the oven last night for dessert! Ohmy!!!!

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